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Patana by Nicholas Guzman

Nicholas Guzman

Curated by Kayla Palisoc


February 04th 2018


February 14th 2018

Opening Exhibitions

February 04th
7:00 pm—11:00 pm


February 11th


This past Saturday, Nous Tous by Citizens of Culture presented Nicholas Guzman’s first solo art show: PATANA. As I was racing back and forth piecing last minute touches of the show, I patiently waited for the arrival of friends, family, and lovers. ‘7 o’clock’ was what was noted on flyers, social media, and other outlets. Stunned and in awe, family and friends were already anxiously waiting outside for the house doors to open. As they rushed in I couldn’t help but feel a wave of ease and peace as I observed their wondrous and jaw-dropping faces whilst being in the presence of Nick’s wavy and fresh pieces. Spreading happiness, peace, and light was our defining mantra for the show’s entirety. 

Nous Tous

454b Jung Jing Road, Los Angeles, CA

Gallery Hours:

Thur—Sat / 6:00 pm—10:00 pm
Sun—Wed (by appointment) / 4:00 pm—10:00 pm


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