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Purgatory of the Unknown Soldier

Solo Exhibition by

Cody Berry


April 14th 2018
7—10:00 pm


April 14th 2018

Remote wars, one after another, happening while we check youtube.
 Anonymous soldiers in dusty trailers in the desert controlling death
machines that fly silently over foreign landscapes. A distant campfire
singalong- everyone suddenly killed. The empire sustains itself in silence-
life boiled down to numbers, sucking in unimaginable resources- to burn.
The deep force of the military machine as it churns forward- unrelenting.
A pair of camo fatigues lies abandoned. The unkown soldier is venerated,
used as a martyr to reaffirm the glory of war – unbeknownst that this soldier
had gone AWOL- now trapped in purgatory. Honored guards pace forever
around the body of the unkown soldier, protecting it from being named.
Nous Tous

454b Jung Jing Road, Los Angeles, CA

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Thur—Sat / 6:00 pm—10:00 pm
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