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Selfhood: The Space Between

A multi-faceted exploration by

Hobbes Ginsberg Paige Emery Olive Kimoto Jess Garten Meagan Mueller Gabriella Sanchez Mukta Mohan Reichel Hertzler


December 01st 2017


December 12th 2017

Opening Reception

December 01st
7:00 pm—10:00 pm

Self-Portrait Workshop

December 02nd
1:00 pm—3:30 pm

Full Moon Gathering

December 03rd
7:00 pm—10:00 pm

Poetry Reading

December 06th
7:00 pm—10:00 pm

Artist Talk

December 09th
10:00 pm—11:00 pm

Closing Reception

December 12th
7:00 pm—10:00 pm


A multi-faceted exploration of the ephemera found within the ever-shifting fluidity of identity, seen through the eyes of women.

Nous Tous

454b Jung Jing Road, Los Angeles, CA

Gallery Hours:

Thur—Sat / 6:00 pm—10:00 pm
Sun—Wed (by appointment) / 4:00 pm—10:00 pm


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