The Simple Things Experience 5/6-5/27

In 2014, Lorenzo started creating things around the concept of “simple things”. It all began with his free-hand illustrations of the “simple things” in life that brought him joy and at the time drinking Mexican Coke was synonymous to those joyous moments. As time progressed, so did Lorenzo's collection of illustrations and that’s when he knew he wanted to compile and present them all but he wasn’t sure of how. It wasn’t until he returned home from my life changing trip to Japan (October 2015) when conceptually everything fell into place and that was the birth of “Simple Things - The Zine”.

Since the book is inspired by the “simple things” in life that brings Lorenzo joy, he wanted to take it a step further and engage and connect with people by learning some of the “Simple Things” that bring them joy, and that was the birth of “The Simple Things Project”.

"Overall, the whole purpose of the project is to challenge people to have a moment of reflection. Since I realize that a lot of us are pursuing something greater - often times while in pursuit, we tend to lose track of the smaller (simple) things that bring us joy and I wanted this project to reflect that.” - Lorenzo Diggins Jr.

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