Modern Ways Of Being Exposed 11/11- 11/25

Who are we in a digital world and are we in control of our identity? Featuring new work from Arvida Byström, Michele Bisaillon, Molly Bounds and Ambar Navarro, MODERN WAYS OF BEING EXPOSED explores the contemporary concept of "exposure" as well as the probing of our privacy and identity via online surveillance by those around us. Comprised of photography, painting and video, the works on display reflect and address these ideas through a feminine lens. Voyeuristic, seductive and compelling, the exhibit examines the psychological effects of technology and social media in an attempt to create a dialogue on how these tools are simultaneously crippling and empowering in shaping perceptions.


Opening Reception: Friday, November 11th | 7-10PM
Exhibition Dates: November 11 - November 25


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